A&I Financials offers online accounting & bookkeeping services


We do, what a full fledged accounting department does.

Systems Spool up ​​

It comes with more standard procedures instead of custom work. Our off-the-shelf ERP service helps track your records such as income/expense, invoices, and monthly/ yearly statements.

The new software will be set up from scratch to fulfill your requirements. In some cases, we reconcile your previous software and upgrade it to the latest one to meet your business needs.

We also make sure to reconcile your data/record from previous months to run the process smoothly.  

A&I financials offer to train an individual or team in your company/firm with your system’s software configuration and customization.

We help you customize modules like accounting, inventory, customer relationships, and many others using both Oracle and Sage. We look over your business, set up modules, and customize them according to your business needs.


Using software likes Oracle, Sage, QuickBooks we help you track the money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company balance sheet. 

When we take care of accounts receivable, we help you track the money which the company should have and will receive from its customers who have purchased its good and services on credit or cash.

We provide summaries of banking statements and business activities, reconciling an entity’s bank account within its financial records. If we find any discrepancies, we will make sure it’s rectified. 

Cash Basis Financials refers to a major accounting method, where we recognize revenue and expenses at the time cash is received or paid out.

During an audit, we provide detailed explanations/support for any transactions that are requested.


In addition to providing Bookkeeping services, we also offer other Accounting services such as Prepaid, Accruals, Depreciation, Amortization, Reconciliation, and Journal Entries.

Prepaid expenses are moved from the balance sheet to the income statement once expired. Accruals are made when invoices have not been received as yet. Depreciation schedules allocate fixed asset costs to the income statement. Amortization schedules keep track of principal outstanding and interest paid. 

We keep all the records of all your transactions whether economic or non-economic. Transactions are listed in an accounting journal that shows a company’s debit and credit balances.  Adjustments for non-economic events are made through journal entries.

In Accrual Basis Financials, income and expenses are matched to the periods in which they are earned or spent. Accrual basis financials have a broader and more perfect picture of how the whole business is performing and its overall health.

Account reconciliations are an important step in confirming the completeness and accuracy of the company’s financial records. At the end of an accounting period, we reconcile the accounts to ensure that the money leaving an account matches the actual money spent. This allows entities to identify and perform all necessary adjustments to the general ledger promptly.

Accounting Manager​​

Accounting Manager Services are useful when you are not only requiring “Accountant” and “Bookkeeping” services but would also like to get reports/results every month instead of yearly basis. 

We offer you the facility to get your accounts customized on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis as per your need. 

In this phase, we prepare reports which include Financial Statements, Revenue by Customer, Expenses by vendors, and Cost by Projects. 

In Financial Analysis we provide you with complete analysis reports which show an increase or decrease in your financial statements. In “Horizontal analysis” we compare the ratio with previous months whereas in “Vertical analysis”, we share the analysis of your expenses and income, by letting you know about the revenue in percentage per line item.

In Ration Analysis we will look into your financial ratio which will help you decide whether or not you can pay the debts or not. You will also get to know the days of Account Payables (AP), Accounts Receivables (AR), Inventory, and Cash cycle.


As a controller, we prepare the cash flow and present you with the cash forecast. This helps to make sure that there is always enough cash for the operations of the business.

Cash Forecast gives you an estimate of how long you don’t have to worry about running out of cash given your current revenues and expenses.   

In Cash Management we balance expenses and payables. If the expenses are higher than revenue, we will help you manage the expenses. If revenues are higher than expenses, we will guide you on where to invest that extra cash.

In Budget Creation, we create and manage the budgets according to your financials, covering income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equities. 

In this phase, we keep a check of Account Payables/ Account Receivables, as well as payroll, on a monthly, weekly, yearly, or quarterly basis. 

CFO Insights​​

In financial projects, we create budgeted income statements, balance sheets, statements of changes of equity, cash flow, and other financial statements as needed.

We make strategies related to your budget and financials which tells us if there is a need to increase or decrease financing every month or yearly basis.

At the C level, we arrange meetings in which we guide you about future strategies by looking into your financials. 

After a complete understanding of your systems, procedures, and practices, we will recommend an improvement for more efficient operation, a stronger financial structure, and improved accounting and administrative controls. 

We make sure that your business financial matters are being handled per local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


The highest standard of independent financial reporting whereby an opinion is expressed on the fairness
and accuracy of the financial statements, often required by regulators, banks etc.

For those who do not require an audit but still want a moderate level of assurance that the information
subject to review is free of material misstatement.

Independent preparation of financial statements in accordance with accounting and financial reporting
requirements of the applicable financial reporting framework


-Preparation of annual returns for partnerships, LLCs and Corps.

Preparation of annual returns and advise on how to minimize your tax burden.

-Minimize taxes over the years using appropriate strategies based on your goals.

Other Services​​

In HR(Human resources) we primarily deal with employee relations, but when it comes to payroll, we handle the compensation of employees. 

A&I Financials will help you with analyzing a tax optimization from a tax perspective by developing findings, conclusions, and recommendations for your consideration and decision-making. We will provide you with the assurance that your organization is in the safe hands of our experienced tax consultant.