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DOS and Don’ts of construction Bookkeeping – Tips and Best Practices

As a business owner, you most likely already do know the ins and outs of your business; however, these construction bookkeeping tips can help you grow and expand your business in an effective way. Owners sometimes take on a more managerial role and sometimes lose focus of smaller operations as they concentrate on the bigger picture.
Changes in orders, contracts, and plans come often and quickly in construction and can sometimes mess up budgets and financial records – that’s why it’s important to stay on top of all the jobs running in the background.
A great step for ensuring you’ve got all your projects (if there’s more than one) insight is by going digital. Use a digital tracking system for projects and orders and ensure that your project or site manager (if not yourself) keeps in regular communication with you and all workers. Having a clear picture of what’s happening with each project allows you to keep track of material and labor costs day by day, allowing you to manage each budget better.

Keep a Digital Trail

On top of turning to the internet to help you manage projects and tasks needing to be done, consider going cloud-based for your financial reporting as well. This saves a lot of time and effort (and paper) down the track, especially during tax time. Going digital also helps with meeting financial obligations in the case of an audit; the IRS stipulates that; businesses must keep all financial records for five years (some for longer depending on the nature of your business).
Going digital can be as easy as utilizing an online storage drive (like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox) and uploading your files. Microsoft and Google also allow you to use their office tools online so that all your files automatically back up to the cloud.
This way Everything will be in one place, and you can access it from any device – making it easy for you to manage the financial side of your business. You can also take it one step further and get really into construction bookkeeping by investing in accounting software.

Using the Right Accounting Software

Accounting software – also referred to as bookkeeping software – provides a great virtual hub for all the little jobs necessary in business finance. You can manage payroll, invoices, and expenses, all in one place, and your data will be safe and secure online.
We’ve previously talked about some of the most popular accounting platforms, also shared below in this article. For novice users of accounting software, A&I Financials provides guidance on how to streamline your financial processes using popular bookkeeping platforms such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB, Zoho, etc.

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