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Best Budgeting Apps for couples 2022

What is the best budgeting app?

The best budgeting apps help you understand your income and spending, so you have maximum control over your money. Budgeting apps may connect to your bank account and credit cards to automatically download transactions and categorize your spending to match the budget you choose.

The best budgeting apps come at an affordable price point, are easy to use and integrate with your accounts, and have features that match your budgeting style.

One of the biggest problems couples face when trying to manage their money?

The problem is keeping each other aware of what’s being spent, and how much is left. Sometimes couples are Trying to manage money with a partner who has different spending habits than you. Different money philosophies that lead to arguments (like one person being a “saver” and the other person being a “spender”)

Best Budget App for Couples 2022

Let A&I Financials share with you the best couples budget apps that will not only prevent you from money-related texting but will help you both see your bigger financial picture in one place so that you can make better financial decisions.

  1. Tiller Money 
    best budgeting app-Tiller Money

Tiller Money updates spreadsheets with your daily finances so you can see what’s happening to you and your partner’s financial life, all in one place.
Link your bank, credit cards, and other financial accounts from 21,000 sources to Google Sheets and get:

  • Your own custom dashboard
  • Free community-supported templates and reports for tracking net worth, saving goals, debt, and more.
  • Free templates, utilities, and reports                 
  • Flexible monthly and yearly budgets
  • Automatic categorization

    2.  Lunch Money   
          Lunch Money  
    Lunch Money makes tracking currencies easy, no matter where in the world you live. Whether you rake in money using dollars, euros, or yen, you pick your currency of choice.
  • Link your wallet and track your cryptocurrency holdings in real-time with your other assets!
  • Choose from over 90 currencies and select the currencies you’d like to use to track expenses.
  • Lunch Money uses the exchange rate based on the date of your transaction, so your conversions remain as accurate as possible.

3. Stash


Stash is one of the best budgeting app for couples. Although it does not allow for joint accounts, you can pay your bills, track your spending and make goals to save all in a single app. You can have access to this platform starting at just $1 for a month.    
This app asks you a few questions that will give insight into your financial goals that’s make it unique from other apps.  

  • add money to your Stash account and you’re well on your way to banking
  • budgeting and creating as many goals as you
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices

    4. Simplifi


    one of the best feature of Simplifi is it synchronizes data when the internet is available and its location tracking features work with and without the mobile network availability. You get automated alerts and notifications. Some notifications are system generated and don’t require an internet connection for them to deliver to you.

    Once you create a Simplifi account, you’ll need to go through each financial account you have to register it within the app. Assign categories to all your transactions, so you know where your money comes from and where it goes.

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